Want to enter your IP in the perfume & beauty market? Are you seeking a license for your distribution?

We have programs and services, including new distribution channels domestic, duty free, internet and export, to get you started right now! We can assess the chance of success your IP will have into the perfume and beauty market, evaluate your ideas, help you protect them, find a master licensor or if you want to do it yourself, do a concept and design feasibility study, help you with components and manufacturing sourcing, draft a business plan, seek funding, draft a tactical marketing plan and help you build a distribution nationally and internationally.

Contact us today and we will talk openly about your current challenges and how they relate to any of our services offerings


We know the beauty and perfume industry. Is your IP a good match or are you a licensee looking for the right IP?


Licensing à la carte

We help our clients with everything from finding the right match (Licensor/Licensee) to helping with marketing, including technology and web development, and all the way to worldwide distribution.

  • Brand search
  • Brand feasibility 
  • Objectives and strategies
  • Licensing contract & signing
  • Ideas protection
  • Securing funding

  • Brand research (positioning, territory, etc..)
  • Concept search & presentations 
  • Concept design
  • Primary & secondary packaging 
  • Concept optimization
  • Packaging realization
  • Fragrance research creation
  • Sourcing & manufacturing

  • Marketing tactical plan
  • Communications & promotional materials
  • Selection distributors & agents
  • Web design & online marketing

Mercedes-Benz Perfume

Vertigo Perfume

White Clock

Mercedes-Benz Perfume

PS Synthesis

Vertigo Perfume Photoshoot

APP Design

Mercedes-Benz Perfume


Vertigo Perfume

Still Life

License &

Modern Art

Mercedes-Benz Perfume

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