30+ years of experience marketing in the perfume and beauty industry.

At large, marketing is the activities a company undertakes to create, communicate, sell, and deliver products and services. While mediums and tools of communication have changed due to the internet, SMO, SEO, and the death of advertising mediums like printed media, radio, TV, and recently restriction due to COVID, the principles remain the same.

The secret is to understand that new marketing is applicable to the mix but does not replace everything. You still need a great product, good pricing, and great distribution done at the right time.

We can help with traditional and digital marketing.


We have creative ideas and solutions to market your brand and products.


Marketing à la carte

You choose how far you want us to accompany you! We can strategically integrate all the various components needed to develop a complete and effective marketing plan.

  • Market research & analysis (brand awareness)
  • Segmentation, targeting & positioning
  • Product development & pricing RP/COG
  • Company marketing ability assessment (Building a marketing team)
  • Marketing strategy & media planning (Marketing tactical plan)
  • Communication creation & planning (marketing kit)
  • Direct advertising campaign, mail, coupons, email, telemarketing
  • Trade & consumers list (Beauty market database)
  • Advertising & PR placement (Local, national & international)
  • Creative concept, copywriting, events (trade & consumer)
  • Analytics, ROI measurement, product life cycle
  • Distribution & sales (See Distribution)

  • Online research & analytics (Online brand awareness measurement)
  • Company internet ability assessment (Teaching in-house web marketer)
  • Web platform creation & management tools (CMS/ERP/CRM)
  • Business blog & ecommerce modules (B2B, B2C)
  • Content creation & publishing
  • RSS + XML Feeders with media database
  • Industry & partners links
  • Opt-in email campaign
  • Organic search rankings & SEO
  • Public relations, guest authoring & comment marketing
  • Social media monitoring, social media publishing & SMO
  • Lead intelligence, lead alerts, visitor profiling & landing pages.
  • News, viral content creation & promotion through industry advocates
  • Q&A, quiz & forum setting
  • Analytics, ROI measurement
Modern Building

Whole line of fragrances for Disney characters

UI Design

Original Swiss Guard
Fragrance Marketing

White Clock

Project for 

In like Flynn 

PS Synthesis

Club Med

APP Design

Diamond Princess perfume Trina license


Magazine Advertising for Vertigo perfume

Still Life

License and

Modern Art

Denise Richard

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